The Beach at Estartit Costa Brava

The beach and the environment of L’Estartit (Costa Brava, Spain)

Playa de arena finaL’Estartit has a beach of 6 kms lengt which goes from the Point Molinet to Pals and which continues until the Cap of Begur. It is an open fine sand beach and  with little depth, ideal for the children and the families because we can walk. Moreoever, this part arrives with facilities at 25ºC in the part before the beach and in June at 24º in front of the beach. In August it is never above26ºC.

Un dia de PlayaL’Estartit was a protected area of the urban speculation, preserving multiple green areas and with beaches without any construction. There are apartments in first line of the beach but we can walk on the beach and on the coastal dunes without finding any construction and we can observe the natural landscape of  the “Medes Islands”.

El puerto de Estartit In the center of the village, initially a village of fisherman, there is the “beach of Molinet”. It is a rock beach but with crystalline water, it is necessary to go down on foot.To continue in the South, we find the port with fishing boats and the excurtions of the Medes Islands with its crystal bottom, the schools of diving and the rentals of sailboats. A little low, there is the nautic club.

Vistas Illes MedesThen, the sand beach of L’Estartit which is in the center of the village. It is a very broad beach in which you can find a housing in first line of the sea. There are restaurants and stores in this area. Photo taken from the apartment.

Casa Costa BravaAt 2, 5 kms of the beach, always on the mountain of L’Estartit, located juste beside the protected area of the “Dunes” in the allotment “Torre Vella”, you can find a housing with pines, ideal fort the families even in autumn or in winter. In this area, it is possible to make excursions in mountain of the Castillo, L’Escala on foot or by bicycle with marked roads.

Foto WebcamAt 1, 5 km of the center, there is the allotment ·Els Griells” in which there are various supermarkets, restaurants and stores with material of the beach but without  night bars… You can a housing in first line of the sea with a fabulous view and peace. Artit D1 webcam with view on the sea.

We have housing  beside the sea like Blau Mar, Rocamaura, Artit, Escalada Torrrent, La Calella, Villa Mas Pinell. You can see on line and reserve on line on our site

Playa EstartitIn the direction of the South, near Pals, we can find the river “Ter”. It is a natural space without any construction. There is no bridge but it is possible in summer if the river has a low flow to cross it on the beach because there is a sand bank (crossed on foot or by bicycle but not by car).

Playa vistas des del aguaIn the South too, we pass a small creek “Rec de Molí” and we arrive at the beach of Pals which  has more depth than that of the  L’Estartit. From there, we must follow the rocks to arrive at the beach of the nudists of Pals and the creek finish here since L’Estartit. We cannot go at the Cap of Begur by the beach because it is a rock area. A good excursion… If you cannot go there on foot because it is very tiring, you can take a taxi at Pals.

Playa de Mas PinellIn the South too, we can find the allotment “Mas Pinell” that we can find in the commune of Torroella de Montgrí. There are houses in front of the beach Casa Mas Pinell, completely news and a large camp-site“El Delfin Verde”. To go there by car, it is necessary to go until Toroella de Montgrí, to pass the bridge, to go Pals direction and at 2 kms of Torroella de Montgrí, just in the turn which there is the Golf Club Empordà, turn right until the allotment and the beach of Mas Pinell. This allotment has  a bar on the beach and a restaurant open in summer. There is a supermarket which opened on the season of 2004 and stores. It is apartments and houses in first and second line of the sea.



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